Solace Foundation of Orange County

The Solace Foundation of Orange County was established in 2015 in response to the opioid epidemic, which is claiming a life in the US every 24 minutes. Solace OC was created by two mothers who have each lost a child to an accidental overdose. Their sons could have been saved by the timely administration of the opioid antagonist drug naloxone, which is used to counter the effects of opioid overdose.

Solace OC provides staff training at drug treatment centres, sober living homes, detox facilities and methadone clinics. It also provides direct training to “at-risk” individuals in drug treatment facilities and in Orange County jails where each inmate is now issued with a naloxone kit on their release.


To ensure that all those who struggle with substance use disorders are treated with the same dignity, compassion, and respect one would receive with any other chronic illness. To secure wider availability of the overdose reversal drug naloxone, and greater access to evidence based treatment for substance use disorders.



The Solace Foundation of Orange County is committed to reduce the number of opioid related deaths by expanding access to the overdose reversal drug naloxone.

Secure Base supports Solace OC by highlighting their important work in saving the lives of young people, who are victims of the opioid epidemic currently sweeping the world, and providing them with the chance to choose. It is currently working closely with Solace OC to find ways of creating a sense of hope, possibility and purpose in those suffering from substance use disorders.