The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is one of the world’s leading organisations supporting those affected by sight loss. It provides practical and emotional support to help those dealing with sight impairment face the future with confidence. The RNIB achieves its aims in diverse ways, including: – providing advice and emotional support; using technology; campaigning for the rights of the sight impaired; providing training, education and learning; and promoting accessible services.

The RNIB achieves its aims in diverse ways, including:

  • listening and working energetically with others
  • offering emotional and practical support
  • delivering advice about eye health and how to access local services
  • providing education and employment services and advice that enables people with sight loss to retain and gain jobs
  • campaigning to ensure proven treatments for sight-threatening conditions are available and to raise awareness of sight issues
  • improving educational opportunities for blind and partially sighted children and adults, including those with complex needs
  • offering learning opportunities through its own RNIB schools and colleges
  • delivering advice on other educational services and support for education professionals
  • campaigning to make services more accessible to enable more people with sight loss to live independently working to influence partners across the world to make using products and technology easier.

Secure Base supports RNIB through its fundraising activities. Secure Base has a particular interest in promoting RNIB’s work with children and young people which focuses on ensuring that those suffering from vision impairment get the best possible start in life and go on to achieve their full potential.