Secure Base pursues its goals:

  • By identifying and facilitating the release of unrealised potential in other organisations and individuals whose focus is directed towards helping and supporting young people in making positive changes to their lives. We recognise and actively promote excellence in the organisations and individuals we support and work to increase their visibility, but we also endeavor to see wider opportunities and find ways of turning those possibilities into realities.
  • By finding innovative ways to make wisdom available to young people, including promoting and facilitating access to the wisdom of young people themselves. We support the development of tools and methods to deliver wisdom to young people in a context of relevancy, and in ways that cultivate a deeper awareness of “felt” knowledge.

Our criteria for selecting the organisations and individuals we support are as follows:

  • Primary focus upon children and young people
  • Shared vision of encouraging positive action and change
  • Activities demonstrate inspirational qualities and opportunities to present wisdom with relevancy
  • Excellence and transparency of operation
  • Compatibility with Secure Base goals and the visions of those we support
  • Possibilities for cross-fertilization and/or partnership with those we support
  • Unrealised potential which Secure Base’s participation could help to release
  • Promote common/shared ground, an understanding of basic human values and oppose division on the basis of difference

The organisations we currently support: