other-smiles-vid-boxOTRAS SONRISAS (OTHER SMILES) is a new cartoon about empathy and compassion by Global Dialogues based on an original story by Miguel Ángel Pérez Ruiz, a 10 year old from Mexico. It also includes ideas from Anthea Dsouza, aged 22 years, from India, Ezinne Nwaopara, aged 16 years from Nigeria, Natia Inashvili, aged 24 years from Republic of Georgia and Anusha Luitel, aged 19 years from Nepal. In the cartoon a young boy is confused by the way his parents and his community reject his new neighbors. He decides to break the mould and courageously express his sense of friendship, empathy and compassion. The film, which was created by a team of artists from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Columbia, Portugal and Montserrat, was produced in Mexico by MicuFilm and directed by Carlos Azcuaga Hernández.

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