Of Mark

Mark McAlister

What Ben prompted in the creation of Secure Base, Mark encouraged as another key inspiration to its onward development. Richard Moore’s nephew and godson, Mark lived with leukemia from the age of 7. He died, aged 27, on 9th November 2014.

Despite his long-standing illness, Mark’s spirit was uplifting and enduringly infectious. Shortly before he died he was still raising funds for Children in Crossfire, the charity his uncle founded, by taking part in a sponsored zip-line challenge across the River Foyle in Derry.

In the full knowledge that he had only a limited time to live, Mark embraced life and approached it with astounding positivity. He devoted the final years, months, weeks and days of his life to selflessly preparing those around him for his death. It is sometimes said that the ultimate test in life is the ability to die well, Mark died well, and in doing so taught those who knew him about living.

Like Ben, Mark had a different and refreshing way of seeing things, he had a clear understanding of the value of life. He greatly influenced Secure Base’s efforts in exploring the impact that difference and division makes on the priority challenges the world faces today. His influence and example echoes strongly throughout Secure Base and in those we support.