Secure Base would not have come into existence if it were not for the inspiration provided by some extraordinary individuals. What makes these remarkable people exemplars is the way in which the telling of their stories, directly and indirectly, inspires others to move to action in trying to create a better world for all. When those inspired “echoes” result in the telling of new stories, they too present possibilities to others in offering different paths or perspectives. Often these “inspirational echoes” demonstrate wisdom which is as powerful as that of the original exemplar. Our goal is to amplify those exemplars and their echoes, so that they resonate virally across the globe.

This section of our Website provides an archive of those inspirational stories, exemplars and echoes, one which we hope will grow, and grow as we discover new inspirations and promote them to inspire echoes in others. We all have the capacity to be exemplars, something that can often be achieve in the simplest way, even a timely smile can be enough to make a positive change in someone’s life. No act is too small, but good intentions without action achieves nothing.

Please send us your inspirational stories, original and echoed, tell us about someone who inspired you and share with us how you translated this inspiration into action. Use your story to prompt action in others, it might just spark a wave of compassion that changes the world.