The London Marathon was an amazing experience but certainly not an easy one, particularly in the later stages of the race, but somehow I managed to finish in 4 hours 13 minutes. There were times when I wondered if I could make it to the end but the positive energy and camaraderie of the other runners around me, the atmosphere of the crowd (particularly the two RNIB cheering points at miles 13 and 22), and all of those I felt were with me in spirit, kept me going to the end.

I am grateful to all who supported me in my efforts in raising awareness of the concept of “Doing Something” and in so generously donating valuable funding to the RNIB, Secure Base and those it supports.

After crossing the finishing line I was overwhelmed, not just by the thought of having fulfilled a dream I thought had died, but also by the feeling that this single act was not enough and I had to do more. Running a marathon in comparison to the efforts and struggles of so many people all over the world today is nothing, but I hope it might be taken as a symbol of action in “Doing Something”. The purest of motivations and firmest of intentions are nothing without that crucial element of action, the more sustained and engaged that action is (however small), the more likely it is to be effective in changing lives positively.

One thing that I am able to do through Secure Base is to continue to promote those who take pure motivations and firm intentions forward into action in supporting and encouraging young people. For this reason, I will be running in the Hackney Half Marathon on 8th May in support of ReachOut, a charity set up in 1994 by a group of university students with the intent of making a lasting change in the community. ReachOut does this by providing mentoring to children and young people in disadvantaged communities, to help them to grow in character and build the self-confidence and skills they need to realise their potential.


– Sound Mike

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