Children in Crossfire pursues its vision with compassion as its core value. Specifically, it responds to the rights and needs of children and young people caught in the crossfire of global poverty, injustice and inequality by using two mutually reinforcing approaches: –

  • In addressing directly the developmental and often urgent needs of some of the most vulnerable children on the planet. Currently Children in Crossfire works in partnership with other organizations in Tanzania & Ethiopia, in particular in the area of Early Childhood Development, to find and implement the best possible solutions to poverty so that every child has the chance to choose.
  • In recognising that long term sustainable change in the world not only requires programmes directly serving the most vulnerable children but also those in Ireland, the UK and globally, so that children and young people understand the causes of poverty, injustice and inequality and are mobilised to take action for a fairer world.

Both approaches share the common aim of educating hearts and minds so as to give every child Children in Crossfire encounters the chance to contribute positively to this world as compassionate global citizens, the only difference is the place from which that journey starts.

Secure Base supports the development of Children in Crossfire’s new Website, incorporating new material to reflect these interconnected approaches and promote a wider recognition of its core values such as compassion, equality and the concept of “Educating Hearts” throughout all of its activities.

Children in Crossfire constantly seeks to widen its visibility and geographical reach with the intent of sharing information about its work and facilitating access to the resources it develops, in the hope of prompting others to engage in creating a compassionate world where every child can reach their potential. Secure Base is proud to support Children in Crossfire in achieving that goal.

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