Purpose, possibility and choice are values which can often be perceived as being absent amongst young people, yet they have so much to contribute, if only they felt confident enough to draw upon the basic human values, such as compassion, that we all share and through this knowledge find the inner courage to speak out and take action. So much can be learnt from young people when society is prepared to listen.

We recognize that the wisdom to change society in a positive way does exist, but is all too often inaccessible or not delivered to those who could make best use of it, namely our young people, within a context of relevancy. Change can often be seen as overwhelming and therefore lead to apathy. We hope to inspire young people to have confidence in their ability to make a difference. We believe that meaningful and lasting social change must begin with the younger generations. Whilst they currently have the smallest voice, they hold the greatest stake in the future. We must find ways to allow young people to be heard.

We see negative perceptions of difference as a learned trait, often leading to harmful division, which ultimately limits humanity through a narrowing of horizons. We are constantly inspired by the ability of young people to see beyond difference. We wish to encourage and enable that positive trait and to learn from it.

The pace of today’s technologically driven society is constantly accelerating, relentlessly prompting thoughtless reaction to external stimulation. The space to hear and be heard, to think and make considered choices, is rapidly diminishing. We see a need to restore a safe space for young people, to re-establish a pause between stimulus and response, to honor that most human of qualities, the ability to make choices out of our deepest values.

We hope to help young people to understand the importance of a more mindful process and to value its role in achieving positive, meaningful and sustainable change.