Who / What


The inspiration leading to the formation of The Secure Base Foundation arose in 2012 in response to a deeply felt awareness of the painful struggle, potential for isolation and lack of confidence and purpose that exists today amongst many young people.

Prompted by inspiring young people and other exemplars, that awareness crystallized into action over the following months as Secure Base became increasingly active in supporting initiatives aimed at young people from across the globe.

Secure Base was formalized into a Charitable Company (Company Number 8870671) in 2014 and became a UK registered charity (Charity Number 1161797) in 2015.

Secure Base has no employees but operates principally through the voluntary efforts of its trustees, partners and supporters, many of whom are young people themselves.

The name “Secure Base” is used to describe a safe place from which young people might find the inner confidence to explore and the courage to meet life’s many challenges.


Secure Base operates on two levels: –

By identifying and facilitating the release of unrealised potential in other organisations and individuals whose focus is directed towards helping and supporting young people to make positive changes to their lives. We recognize and actively promote excellence in the organisations and individuals we support, but we also endeavor to see wider opportunities and find ways of turning those possibilities into realities.
By finding innovative ways to make wisdom available to young people, including promoting and facilitating access to the wisdom of young people themselves. We define wisdom as a combination of experience and knowledge with the ability to apply these soundly whilst respecting one’s deepest inner values. We support the development of tools and methods to deliver that wisdom to young people in a context of relevancy, and in ways that cultivate a deeper awareness of “felt” knowledge.