Secure Base is not a funding-led organisation, nor does it seek to replicate what already exists. Rather, in its work with other organisations, it strives to identify unrecognized potential and support its emergence through creative and practical means. On occasions this may include making available small amounts of seed funding aimed at directly kindling specific initiatives compatible with our goals, which might otherwise remain dormant. The provision of any such funding will always be supportive of or secondary to Secure Base’s primary contribution rather than the reason for it. Secure Base’s key purpose in supporting other organisations is to promote their visibility to a wider audience and enable the emergence or development of initiatives in practical, innovative, creative and relevant ways through the expertise, experience and passion of our trustees, supporters and partners.

In its direct work with young people Secure Base strives to provide a safe and secure space from which they might explore wisdom, values and emotions by facilitating access to information and resources in a context of relevancy. In doing so we hope to empower the young people we encounter to broaden their horizons positively. Secure Base also seeks to provide a “pause” for heartfelt reflection and a bridge to a deeper “felt” knowledge capable of building inner confidence and courage. We aim to promote an understanding of our basic human values, such as compassion, and encourage an engagement with the common ground we all share.

Never before has history, and the wisdom that can be drawn from it, been so vividly and readily accessible to humankind. No prior generation has had such an opportunity to share ideas, values and opinions or to interface so widely with others from across the world. We recognise that communications technology, whilst frequently misused, is one of the most functional aspects of today’s interconnected society. It has an important and largely unrecognized, role to play in helping to restore a fractured humanity.  We hope to harness part of that unrealised potential and use it to positively impact upon the lives of young people and society generally.