We build bridges by identifying and cultivating synergies within and between organisations and by helping young people to recognise their innate wisdom and courage


Global Dialogues
Giving Voice to Young People

“The Secure Base team supports Global Dialogues in unique ways, namely by helping us to see and to cultivate mutually beneficial linkages with other organisations and by broadening our engagement with concepts and ideas that could enhance our work.”

Relais de la Mémoire
Memory Builds the Future

Secure Base supports Relais de la Mémoire by assisting in providing the best possible tools to allow it to fulfil the vision of its founders to deepen the organisation’s engagement with young people and broaden its reach to an ever-wider audience.

Children in Crossfire
Educating Hearts

Secure Base supports Children in Crossfire’s Educating the Heart initiative which, through the development of its TIDAL programme, aims to encourage the embedding of compassion into education policy with the intention of creating a model worthy of global replication.


Doing Something more for RNIB’s Talking Books and Relais…

Sound Mike will be taking part in the Berlin Marathon this Sunday in an effort to both raise more funds for RNIB’s Talking Books and to promote the values of Relais de la Mémoire and its many inspirational founders.
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